The Polhill Arms opened as a public house in 1851 by Higgins & Sons Limited brewers of Bedford, In September 1931 Higgins & Sons was sold to Wells & Winch of Biggleswade and all pubs were sold including The Polhill Arms. In 1961 Greene King & Sons acquires Wells & Winch of Biggleswade and all pubs were transferred to Greene King of which we are still part of. The pub has seen many eras from its victorian roots including two world wars below is a list of all former Licensees on record.


1869-1876 James Sletcher (also a Tea Dealer)                                                       1970-1972 Dawn Ellen Jackson                                   
1890 Abraham Slecher 1972-1973 John Seymour Griffiths
1903-1904 George Pedley 1973-1976 Peter John Ronald Cole
1904 Mary Pedley 1976-1984 Gordon Wallace Hooper
1904 Charles Dean 1984-1988 Barry Goodson
1904-1914 Thomas William Pettit 1988-1995 Peter Eric Allen
1914-1916 Herbert Masters 1995-1996 Alan?
1916-1917 Harry Webb 1996-2002 Walter Hicks
1917-1919 Phoebe Jane Biggs 2002-2003 Paul Anthony Charles Smith
1919-1920 Albert Samuel Brimley 2003-2008 Richard Mitchell
1920-1927Thomas Wadner 2008-2009 Rachel Boot
1927-1964 Joseph Stapleton 2009-2021 Paul Anthony Charles Smith
1965-1970 Peter Bales Hansford  

The Polhill Arms Renhold gained its name from the Polhill-Turner family of Howbury Hall and our pub sign bears the family coat of arms, We are now the only pub called The Polhill Arms with the only other that was in Halstead Kent closed in November 2014.

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